Is My House Haunted

What Are The Chances of Buying a Haunted House?

As I mentioned in my last post about 10 signs of a ghost in the house that all houses have their own energy; some have great energy, others not so much; the best way for me to explain it is by saying that houses can have moods or different emotional states as we humans do. The good news is that just like us humans, moods can change if you introduce the right elements into it.

A house can change its energy just by little things, such as changing the items inside or the people that live in it. If your house is always in disarray, it needs repairs that you overlook or simply can’t afford to do - these things affect the energy of the house, and it can affect your own energy.  A house with mold affects your health, and a house with angry inhabitants affects the house's health.

Some people will still consider a house with bad or less than optimal energy a haunted house, but this, my friends, is a problem that is way easier to fix than having an actual haunted house.

If you were to stay in a house that has had long periods of domestic violence or had a brutal crime, you would feel uneasy and might even develop emotional issues like depression. This is not because it has spirits living in it but because the house itself is not in the right mood or energetic space.  Now, if you add that some of the former inhabitants haven’t moved on, you have a perfect cocktail for a real haunted house.

In the United States, only four states deal with paranormal activity in their real estate disclosure laws: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Minnesota. If you live in any of the other states, you will not know that the home you choose is haunted until you have moved in.

The chances of you getting an actual haunted house are small but not zero. By definition, a "haunted house" typically refers to a structure that is believed or advertised to be inhabited by ghosts, spirits, or other supernatural entities. These places are associated with eerie occurrences, paranormal activities, or mysterious events that may include unexplained sounds, sightings of apparitions, objects moving on their own, or other phenomena beyond scientific explanation.

And yes, a lot of houses have ghosts or spirits living in them, but most have no interest in letting us know they are there.  They just spend their time sharing our space until something makes or helps them cross over.   Also, a haunted house doesn't have to be terrifying, so many of us learn to live with the spirits that occupied the space before we lived there.  We can even become friends!

You must remember that you can also bring spirits to your house when you bring objects from other places. There have been so many stories, movies, etc., showing objects that are haunted; they seem to bring chaos everywhere they are taken, and people don’t always take things as seriously as they should. So many of these objects don't always bring friendly ghosts but instead attract angry and unhappy entities with the capacity to affect your life in many negative ways and even cause real harm.

In other instances, you can have a temporary “guest ghost.” I had several readings about a deceased relative choosing to move into their house to protect their loved ones. One particular appointment I remember was a lady with an abusive boyfriend. The boyfriend was the only one experiencing things falling on him, his things breaking down, electronics not charging, you name it, it was a by-the-book haunting, and as he became more abusive, things escalated for him. In our appointment, her relative expressed his concern about their safety and her kid's safety. She chose to end that relationship and have him move out of her house. After that, she never experienced any paranormal activities in her home. Her relative was still in her home when we did a follow-up appointment, but her home was peaceful, and I am sure she felt better knowing that they had someone watching over them, this is not the norm, usually after they achieved their mission, to give it a name, ghosts tend to move on or find another mission.

Here is the dilemma of what your chances are to buy or rent a haunted property. Based on a survey conducted by All Star Home, one in six people believe there is some kind of paranormal activity going on in their homes, and two out of five of these people had actual experiences that they couldn’t explain.   According to Real Estate Witch, 29% of Americans believe they have lived in a haunted house in 2023, up from 24% in 2022, and I believe these numbers are bound to keep on going up due to all the unrest we are experiencing, having so much division and conflicts in the world is an invitation for unwanted entities to occupy our space.

So, if you are searching for your new home, do your homework and try to find out if any violent crimes happened in the home; if is an older home, assume that someone died in the house, talk to your home, and let them know that it is yours now and that you want it to be your safe place and if in doubt, I am here to help.

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