I come from a lineage deeply rooted in spiritual practices, an inheritance passed down through generations. My childhood was immersed in the mystic; my grandparents held seances with fellow spiritists, delving endlessly into the world of the unknown.

The traditions continued as my great grandmother read cards, while my mother and aunt found solace and guidance in working with angels. For me, communicating with spirits was as natural as conversing with the living, seeing glimpses of the past, present, and future in people's lives with clarity.

Growing up, I assumed everyone shared these abilities, only realizing later that my perceptions weren't commonplace. In school, I'd read cards during recess, navigating the delicate balance of embracing my gifts while avoiding feeling like an outsider.

Over the years, I grappled with fully accepting these innate talents. I pursued learning, seeking mentors who enriched my understanding and guided me in honing my abilities. Certified as a Reiki Master and Magnified Healing™ teacher, I've been privileged to learn from luminaries like Reverend Gisele King. My journey expanded through diverse certifications, including career coaching, and culminated in Lisa Williams' Psychic + Mediumship Development Circles, a recent milestone in my pursuit of growth and mastery.

Yet, the most arduous lesson was accepting my true calling. Embracing that I am destined to aid others, to unveil the inherent healing power within every soul, both spiritually and physically. Each life experience brought me to this pivotal juncture, a realization that this gift isn't mine to conceal but to share openly and wholeheartedly.

Today, I stand firm in acknowledging that every step of my journey has led me to this purpose. I am committed to embracing and sharing this gift, illuminating the paths of those seeking healing and understanding. Join me in embracing our collective power and discovering the transformative potential within us all.
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