Do I Have A Ghost in The House? 10 Signs To Look For

Do I Have A Ghost in The House? 10 Signs To Look For

If you are asking yourself the question if "You have a ghost in the house", then most likely the answer is yes.

No need to worry though, I know this might surprise many of you, but all houses have their own energy, either the house itself, residual energy, or a spirit that calls your house home.

We all have seen plenty of movies, read books, and heard stories about haunted houses; many towns have a haunted house that everyone is afraid of that has become part of the area folklore, with stories that get enhanced or diminished depending on who’s telling it.

As a psychic medium, it is interesting to get in touch with some houses with a lot of spirits that become family members, regardless of them not having any connection to the current inhabitants of this home while they were alive.  At the same time, there are spirits/ghosts that don’t agree with the new occupants of their space. For me, the biggest misconception is to think that having spirits in your house is a bad thing. Sure, there are spirits with bad energy and some properties that I would avoid, but most spirits are great, and many choose to become our guardians!

I used to be a real estate agent, and I showed a lot of properties. A good number of times I visited properties that I had to really make an effort to get in. Afterward, I found out that these houses had brutal crimes in their history, and the spirits there were not ready to share their space with anyone. Thankfully, my clients never opted for these properties, and since most states don’t require this information to be public or have to be disclosed, no matter how horrible the crime was, I wasn’t able to openly express my concerns. I was lucky that these properties had a lot of things to be repaired and that I could point to.

But what are the biggest signs that you have a haunted house?

1- You can feel it! We are taught from an early age to dismiss our “gut feelings” and attribute them to our imagination, but if you feel something is there, most of the time, it is.

2- Electrical issues. First, I would say, please do not dismiss this or attribute it to paranormal immediately; have a professional electrician check things first to make sure everything in your house is safe, but if you already had a pro check and everything is “normal and safe,” this is a huge sign you have a tenant of the spirit kind.

3- Things move on their own. I used to jokingly say that there are kitchens with self-opening cabinets and doors instead of self-closing, but this is a common thing that happens.  I am sure you have questioned yourself if you just forgot you left the cabinet open or your invisible roommate is letting you know he/she also lives in your home.

4- Random sounds. You know you are alone in your home, but you can clearly hear someone walking or a chair moving; you might even hear someone talking.  Unless you live in a condo or share walls with someone, I know it could be a little creepy, but like I said before, this doesn’t have to be something bad. They are doing their thing, and most of the time, they mean no harm.

5- Cold Spots. This could be something normal, as you need to check for drafts or upgrade the insulation in your home, especially if you have an older house, but if it’s just a specific place that is always cold, this could be your ghost hangout area,  could be the place where the spent most of their time while they were alive and is just where they feel most comfortable.

6- Unexplained smells. All of a sudden, you get the scent of perfume, cigarettes, flowers, something that you know has no reason to be present in your home, this is another way for your new friend to let you know they are around.

7- Seeing things from the corner of your eye. We all have the capacity to see energy; we are energy ourselves, and no! Not all the shadows we see are shadow people; is just how our brain processes things that can’t understand. That’s why we only see shadows, but for some spirits, you can see them as if they were alive. But I’ll write about different types of spirits in another post.

8- A child told you. Kids tend to be more open to the spiritual world, and they have the capacity to communicate with the spirits, they can see things that we can’t as adults, and chances are that they see things before you even consider the option of having spirits in your house.

9- Your pets are acting weird. You just moved into your home, and all of a sudden, your pet is obsessed with looking at a corner or starts to growl or hiss at something that you can’t see. Just like children, pets can see energies that we have issues seeing as adults, and your pet will most likely try to protect you.

10- Things go missing and then show up in the weirdest places. I know I don’t need help losing things, but this is a big one for me.  Is not just losing your keys; is they showing up in a drawer in your closet that you don’t usually open, or having something disappear for days or weeks to then be on top of your dining table when you come home from work.

Having a haunted house doesn’t have to be bad; having a ghost is having a roommate who can be your friend and ally. Just set your rules and remember that is YOUR house, and nobody can live in there unless you agree to it.

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