Witch, Positive thinking and other naughty words

Witch, Positive thinking and other naughty words

If you tell someone you are a witch there is still that visceral reaction that you worship the devil, make poisons, maybe eat children, and might end up being burned at the stake. 

If you openly talked about positive thinking and manifestation you will be placed in a group of people that is “not all there”, labeled a hippie, and considered naïve or not too bright.

The issue with this is that for years it has been demonized by people in power, to a point that we doubt we have these gifts and that everyone and I mean everyone has them, some of us are just born with some gifts that are a bit more active than others.

Before medical school, we had healers, midwives, shamans, apothecaries, remedies that were passed down from our ancestors, and others that dedicated their lives to what we now know as medicine.  I feel that I need to clarify that there is no way to compare the medications we have access to right now with what was used in ancient times or during medieval times, even 100 or 50 years ago.  If I have a serious infection I want antibiotics, but at the same time, I would try something a bit more natural for something minor.  We are seeing more scientific evidence coming out about the human body's natural ability to heal when given the right conditions like having a balanced diet, manageable stress, proper sleep, and things that should be normal, but instead, we are developing things that are slowly have become serious issues. We have bought the idea that we are too busy to take care of our health, which is now considered a luxury for people of wealth.  Or we just find all kinds of possible excuses and blame everything else without us even trying.

When I was little I don’t remember hearing adults complaining every day about how tired they were, or that they couldn't sleep all the time, I remember people were done with work when they got home, if your phone rang it was someone close to you that had access to your landline, not your boss asking you to do things after work, also people didn’t spend that much time on the line because you were billed by the minute.  Even when Cell phones first came out they were a luxury item, that were used just for things that were really important since were billed also by the minute and it was quite expensive, text messages were not free, so you saved them for important things.

People were active and had the time to meet friends for coffee, dinner, go to the movies, or just different plans to socialize. People looked forward to doing things all the time.  Now more and more (and sadly I am included) we are used to not seeing other people, dread socializing, and even more to having people come over to our house.

I have been in my house isolated since corona was introduced into the world. As I mentioned before I was on immunosuppressants and that placed me at a higher risk of getting seriously sick if I contracted Covid.  

I used to think I didn’t socialize a lot when I actually saw and met new people all the time.  Now I feel like getting together is more difficult.

People are more tired, and that leads us to eat out more or eat premade meals, we don’t really know how to relax anymore, and we are disconnected from ourselves, and our families.  

Our new world doesn’t even have the same reality for everyone. 

We expect instant gratification for everything, we don’t wait for our bodies to heal, we just want a pill that takes the symptoms away so we can keep going at the same speed that we’ve been living without thinking that this is why we ended up sick and needing the medications in the first place. 

Being a witch is defined as a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick.”

When the reality is just allowing ourselves to be connected with our true essence, and ironically EVERYONE can do this if we stop having fear to accept our nature as creators and healers. 

Think about this, flying was considered witchcraft because people refused to believe it was possible; if one of us traveled back in time and we had a smartphone, that would be a trip to become BBQ because we are scared of things we don’t have an easy way to explain.  Just imagine during the time of the inquisition trying to explain that candy crush is a game and not some diabolic manifestation. 

How many of you drink Chamomile tea or take melatonin to sleep? This is a witchy thing to do, because you are using herbs, and even this could have gotten you killed back in the day.

What is the definition of a spell?;  a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power” and if you think about it, is the same as saying a prayer, the only difference is that one word is demonized,  while the other is encouraged.  Manifesting is the equivalent of having faith, this is again just different words to describe the same thing.

And we move now to Positive thinking, I for once make fun of this one.

Thinking positive is important, but you need to take more steps besides just thinking.  And if you need to translate to a more accepted wording is the same as telling someone to have faith.

What about Manifesting? This one definitely sounds like magic, if you ever said you manifested something, well you are for sure a Witch or a Wizard! 

But if instead, you say that your prayers were answered, you are not responsible for the outcome and then all is fine.

Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow into a plant? That is magic! Having trees lose all their leaves to get brand new ones a couple of months later is just magical. Nature is magical when you allow it to be.

For me, gardening is the best way to recharge, get in a better mood, to accept that I am part of something much bigger than anything that can be taught or learned. 

I would love to help everyone understand that we have more control than we are lead to believe, that so many things in our life are smoke and mirrors, and that following anything blindly can’t be healthy.  We were given free will and a brain to use them, we have a sixth sense, gut feeling, little voice, guardians, and guides. They are there to help us be who we are meant to be. 

So, Who are you meant to be?

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