How Did I End Up Here (Part III and final)

How Did I End Up Here (Part III and final)

It wasn’t that unusual for us to stay home; the only difference was that I had to remain in lockdown even after every restriction was lifted for the rest of the world. I had started to use methotrexate for my autoimmune conditions; in other words, I was on chemo; therefore, I had to be even more careful. Like many of us, 2020 and 2021 was a blur; one day melted into the next, and I kept trying new diets, sleeping habits, and anything suggested that could help me feel better.

As much as it bothers me to say that everything happens for a reason, sooner or later, you see that things that happen do have a motive. They could be a good or a challenging experience. Still, either way, it is here for you to learn something, a lesson that if you don’t realize why it happened but was what you needed. And you better try to figure out why it happened, or  You’ll have to repeat it and most likely in a more challenging way than before. 

Two years had passed from when we moved to Georgia, and we got a call from the owner of the house we were renting informing us that she wouldn't renew our lease; this was when the prices of real estate had started to go up crazily, and we had weeks to find a house, buy it and move.  We found a place, did all the inspections (we had several), appraisers, and the investor we purchased the house gave us a seller's disclosure. Somehow, everyone missed that our house is not connected to the public sewer, which became an issue.

Now I come to How Did I End Up Here.  As I started to move things and reorganize, I came across all my books, notes, and certificates of many things I had studied, and it hit me. I could try to heal myself. I knew it was possible. I had learned and knew people that had done it. I am even certified to teach it. I had just stored all of it on the very back and had tried to block everything out. 

As I mentioned before, there is that fear of being the odd one, of people thinking I completely lost it, of all the fears of failing and being proven wrong, and that it was just “hocus pocus” and not something that has been studied by science.

No matter how hard you try to hide, some things still come out. I still saw spirits, communicated with them, and did psychic readings, but I felt weird when people found out I could. I only offered information when asked, and I tried to minimize it as much as possible.

For a while, my husband, son, and sister had suggested that I should pursue it, but it just didn’t feel right. And as ridiculous as it would sound, I was worried about what others might think.

Now, I know how dumb that was! The people I care about and honestly care about me will never ask for an explanation, support me, and the ones that might have an issue, well… They are very much welcome not to be part of my life. And please learn and accept this! No matter how busy we are, we always check in on the people we care about.  If someone only takes time to find gossip instead of caring about your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones, feel free to refer them to TMZ or PerezHilton or something like that. Your energy and time are too valuable to waste them this way. 

So, we arrived at me finally accepting that this is who I am.  I am the weirdo who talks to spirits and, when given permission, can see things from the past, present, and future in people's lives, and I can provide guidance. Especially since we are in charge of our future and have the power to change and create a lot that can honor who we indeed are.
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