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30 Minutes Psychic Reading (Phone or Video Call)

30 Minutes Psychic Reading (Phone or Video Call)

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General Psychic Reading by phone or video call with a 30-minutes duration.

Time starts when the reading begins, not when the call is answered. If you are looking for a longer session then please book a 60 Minutes Psychic Reading (Phone or Video Call)

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My mind silenced my inner voice for a very long time! Juanita's reading was the magic tool my soul reached to finally be heard. This was a mind blowing experience!

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading, you should be ready to fully focus on the session. Leave all the other thoughts aside and be open to the psychic. I usually start psychic reading by asking a few questions e.g. your name and birthdate. I will give attention to the your aura or energy, and the reading might involve different methodologies such communicating with spirits. For phone readings, a quiet and private environment is beneficial for both parties to maintain a clear connection. At the end of the session if you don't understand something, you can ask again and I should be able to clarify your confusion.

Preparing for a Reading

Before the reading, it is advisable for clients to:
  • Reflect on their goals for the session.
  • Prepare specific questions to maximize the reading's relevance.
  • Ensure a distraction-free environment, particularly for video or phone readings.

Having a clear intent can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the reading.

Interpreting the Reading

Following a psychic reading, it is important to interpret what was said thoughtfully. Clients often find value in jotting down notes during their session, which they can reflect on later. Remember, an accurate reading usually necessitates a personal touch, resonating with your own life experiences. It's essential to keep an open mind yet remain discerning; psychics can offer guidance but are not the ultimate answer to life's challenges.